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Our mobile app is now available on iOS and Android!

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Available on iOS and Android

Integrate cognitive aids into your anaesthetic practice today! The ASCAR app has been designed by clinicians for clinicians with the aim of supporting Operating Theatre (OT) teams to plan and brief for complex cases effectively as well as respond appropriately to crises. The app allows you to carry in your pocket, the ever expanding library of ASCAR cognitive aids – so they are available in their most up-to-date version on your device whenever and wherever you are. Just select the subspecialty to locate the cognitive aid you are looking for… or, alternatively, use our advanced search function. The next time you find yourself in an OT full of responding staff, why not contribute by opening the app to assist the team in focusing on the clinical priorities and avoiding blindspots.


• Complete ASCAR library: automatically updated suite of cognitive aids from the ASCAR group across the whole array of anaesthetic sub-specialties.

• Paediatric Dose Calculator: Proprietary paediatric anaesthesia calculator to assist you with looking after our most vulnerable patients.

• Offline access: all files and our calculator remain accessible – even offline. But any updates will require an internet connection.

• Advanced search function: to minimise the time and facilitate the ergonomics of finding the aid that you need at that moment of crisis.

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Ascar App: About


Ascar App: About
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